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We See Architecture From Two Perspectives, It’s Exterior & Interior

The Flat Arq Approach…

Property Exploration | Exterior Condition Assessment | Interior Space Survey= Redefinition Of The Design

The process of selecting furniture with cohesive colors, materials, furniture and other hardware finishes is challenging and usually becomes very time consuming. There is such a vast array of options, designers and templates to choose from before pressing the go button on any interior decor project, nit to mention the budget involved. That’s why it’s imperative to have a properly structured plan of action. Flat Arq LLC not only seeks to leave you in a state of awe, but more so, our in depth projects add value to the properties we redefine.


Flat Arq, LLC’s Objective

Flat Arq, LLC is an interior design company with a focal point of interior decor  services. Flat Arq’s core purpose is to rekindle and modernize dated and mundane interior looks by implementing contemporary design cues and other visual elements. Our website’s purpose is to share our previous projects with an ancillary purpose of serving as a virtual space to gain interior design insight and ideas. overall seeks to be a motivational push to jump on your idea of reinventing the currently dated look of your entire living space’s appeal.

New Jersey’s Maplewood Gem

You don’t find an array of contemporary home designs outside of certain neighborhoods in New York or New Jersey’s inner cities and outskirt landscapes, or in the majority of many neighborhoods for that matter. That stereotypical anomaly is a finding which is obviously based on financial constraints and time. As we all know, the “finer […]

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The Value Of A Property’s Key Factors

When you’re in the housing market to purchase a new home there are a few key factors to consider and keep an eye out for. Although the property itself may meet your criteria and checks out, you should also be concerned with the neighboring community prior to signing above the dotted line when making your […]

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