About US

About US


Humble Beginnings

Flat Arq, LLC is a multilayered Interior Decor business with a core purpose of modernizing stale interior and exterior looks by implementing contemporary design cues and other visual developments.

Karina Boyce’s (Founder) affinity for interior design, real estate and architecture dates back to her humble caribbean roots. As a child, born in Trinidad & Tobago, she would piggy back her mother to and from work on various occasions. Along the commute she’d always gaze out the car’s window and be captivated by the myriad of landscape and residential structures along bearing their colorful array of tropical environmental attributes. When she arrived at her mother’s workplace, Karina enjoyed browsing the showroom floor and warehouse of CW Interiors which carried of variety of interior elements and decorative selections. Fast forward to 2013, she met the very person, her husband, who would constantly motivate her to make her imagination a tangible reality.

Julian Boyce, (Co-Founder) whom also has caribbean lineage, but from the island of Barbados, shares many similar cultural values and spent much of his youth visiting and touring the island’s sun lit tropical beaches when staying with family. He also reminisces and admires witnessing nearly the entire color spectrum painted on house facades in the villages. As of lately, Karina has embarked on her journey of managing the budgeting and accounting for commercial real estate firms and wants to dial things down to get a grasp on residential properties with the introduction of Flat Arq, LLC. With Julian’s overall keen sense of design and admiration for contemporary architectural design they’ve decided to create this platform and intend on developing and fostering a community of individuals that share a congruent appreciation for real estate’s visuals and all it has to offer.

From interior decor services, possible fix and flip opportunities down to blog posts that touch the minds and hearts of architectural aficionados, Flat Arq, LLC wants to engage you. Our projects seek to incorporate modern design, but also expects to pay homage to classical decorative taste at times because as the ol’ adage goes, “You only know where to go when you know where you’re coming from”.


Meet Our Team

Karina Boyce

Founder | CEO

Julian Boyce

Co-Founder | CCO (Chief Creative Officer)


Project Management

Flat Arq, LLC strategically targets residential areas with property values of lower to upper middle class income price ranges. As our slogan suggests, we take real estate, redefine it and make it contemporary. Our main goal is to amend an old house’s stale design into by bringing it to modern standards from a visual standpoint which in essence will increase the property’s value.


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Renovation | Rehab


Project Completion