What/Who is Flat Arq

What/Who is Flat Arq

Flat Arq’s nomenclature was conjured up as a direct parallel of New York City’s neverending  “Flat” lands of abundant “Architecture”. Similarly, neighboring New Jersey also contains a variety of inner cities and outlying towns that also contain a myriad of flattened landscapes within many of it’s residential communities.

Flat Arq, LLC’s motive seeks to redefine stale residential facades and interior design with modernized attributes and value adding decor. In essence, the company intends on elevating the property value of residential areas in working class to upper middle class neighborhoods.

An admiration for architecture and interior decor is what lead to the birth of Flat Arq LLC. To say that we’re passionate about it is an understatement as we expect to make a lifestyle out of our interest and foster a community of like minded individuals along this journey.

Thanks for stopping by and delving into our story. There will be weekly updates to the blog sharing a variety on real estate tid bits and insight. We hope you revisit on a perpetual basis!

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