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We See Architecture From Two Angles, It’s Exterior & Interior

The Flat Arq Approach…

Property Exploration | Property Condition Assessment | Renovate + Rehab = Redefine The Design | Place Into Real Estate Market 

Selecting the right property to fix and flip or hold and rent requires an in depth assessment process. A structured plan of action is paramount for a prudent and prosperous outcome. Flat Arq LLC’s overall objective doesn’t only add value to the properties we redefine, our endeavors also fortify the neighboring community’s appeal as an end result.


Flat Arq, LLC’s Objective

Flat Arq, LLC is a real estate investment company of multi facades with a core purpose of modernizing stale interior and exterior looks by implementing contemporary design cues and other visual developments. is intended to be a virtual online space to gain real estate insight, share ideas, draw inspiration and shop with an end goal of developing a community of informed and talented individuals. We hope all of our visitors are as enthusiastic as we are about this experience and plan on taking Flat Arq’s shares along with you into your living space and many journeys into interior and architectural design.

Various House Types

Let’s take a quick look at the surface of real estate for how many are familiar with it. When asked, “What is real estate?” People usually respond by simply saying, land, or you know, houses.

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What/Who is Flat Arq

Flat Arq’s nomenclature was conjured up as a direct parallel of New York City’s neverending  “Flat” lands of abundant “Architecture”. Similarly, neighboring New Jersey also contains a variety of inner cities and outlying towns that also contain a myriad of flattened landscapes within many of it’s residential communities.

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