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Our Services

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Flat Arq LLC is a real estate business of multiple layers. Our core purpose in business is the modernization of outdated exterior and interior design of houses. We implement contemporary design cues and other household items to overall revamp a stale architectural look. is a virtual online space where many can gain real estate insight, share ideas, draw inspiration and shop with an end goal of developing a community of informed and talented individuals.


Below are the main services we offer at the moment, but we’re always willing to explore and broaden the brand’s bandwidth.


Architectural Design is a special service we offer at Flat Arq, LLC. Let us be the source of your dream home or building’s manifestation. Get in touch with us to begin the process and get more info.

  • Schematic Design | Blueprint: Structural, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical
  • Design Development | 3D Render
  • Construction to complete build
$2,500- $10,000


Landscaping, believe it or not, is the very first interaction a home buyer or investor observes. Curb appeal sometimes says it all about a house’s exterior condition, or does it? That’s the point. Landscaping is a very necessary attribute to a home’s welcoming effect.

  • Grass
  • Floral arrangements & bush hedges
  • Gardening & Mulch
  • Trees & other greenery
$200- $2,000

Interior Decor

Whether it’s a formal living space in your abode or a work space, interior decor has an influence on your stay. It can make or break the decision of wanting to revisit too. Wherever the location, keep it minimal and clean.

  • Shelving
  • Tables
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Appliances
  • Botanical life
  • And much more…
$80- Thousands (depending on brand/ designer)