New Jersey’s Maplewood Gem

New Jersey’s Maplewood Gem

You don’t find an array of contemporary home designs outside of certain neighborhoods in New York or New Jersey’s inner cities and outskirt landscapes, or in the majority of many neighborhoods for that matter. That stereotypical anomaly is a finding which is obviously based on financial constraints and time. As we all know, the “finer things in life” come at a premium.

Another thing developers have to consider, especially when building single family houses, is if the majority of new home buyers will find modern house design appealing. We at Flat Arq LLC love modern and contemporary design, but we don’t account for everyone’s taste palette. However, we’re noticing an uptick in contemporary designed houses across the tri-state area and other surrounding states across the nation in more affluent towns. As of lately, we took the last decade’s time frame into consideration and felt the need for a refreshing property observation trip to find newer modern home design eye-candy. We ended up in one of New Jersey’s suburban township’s by the name of Maplewood.

From first glance, the town appeared quite typical as for its residential settings, but after delving a bit more into the intricate network of back blocks we stumbled upon what we call “Maplewood’s Gem”. A beautiful contemporary designed home nestled in the heart of Maplewood, NJ’s residential interior. The house’s exterior design ticked all of our want boxes as its facades encompassed the mixed materials we desire in contemporary design. Concrete/stone, wooden slates and metallic clads. Take a closer look below.

To its entirety, built back in 1953, the Maplewood gem has a predominantly horizontal layout. It hosts three bedrooms and three bathrooms and a special rooftop that can only be accessed from the largest bedroom. Over the past decade the property’s value has fluctuated between $500k-$900k and currently (Sept. 2020) Zillow has it estimated to be worth a little over one million.

What are your thoughts of a house with this type of architectural design?

House’s side yard

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